University of South Carolina

University of South Carolina


Academic Rigor 3.3 Diversity 1.7
Location 3.0 Party Scene 3.3
Professor Availability 3.3 Reputation 3.3
Safety 2.3 School Spirit 4.3
Student Body Hotness 4.0 Weather 4.7


02/18/2013 by a student
Lots of hot guys everywhere on campus. If you come from a big city like New York or Atlanta, it's hard to grasp the fact that Columbia is the capital because it is so underdeveloped and it doesn't have nearly as much to offer. There is very little shopping aside from expensive, but trendy boutiques. The food choices off campus are pretty good for if you have some money to spend. For someone who hates cold weather i love it here, but if its summer time be prepared to sweat on the walk to class. Lots of racist people here, but it's like that a lot of places in the south. Also very dangerous in 5 points with lots of gang activity and shoot outs. Unfortunately the police are too focus on underage drinking to get that under control.
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02/11/2013 by a user
The way that this school is advertised isn't all that it is out to be. I thought it would have been a lot better and more fun coming to a big named school but turns out it's no different than any other.
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02/10/2013 by a student
You get what you come for. A traditional big SEC school with lots of pride and not a lot of diversity. I love the weather, but there isn't a lot of outdoorsy stuff to do if you're into hiking, fishing, nature, etc. The football program has had the best 2 years it has ever had in the past two years, so that's a big plus. The baseball team went to the national championship 3 years in a row and won two of those, and that is something everyone is very proud of. You've got your mix of antebellum-era buildings and new buildings being phased in, like our new business school and the recently-built school of public health. Columbia has got great food and great bars, but it isn't really a place you can stay after you graduate due to the lack of resources and industry. This doesn't mean you won't get a job while in college, there are tons of those. Overall the school is great, the big classes are easy the small classes are hard. The people are good looking, and there's a spot for everyone so long
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Book Stores 4.0
Chapels 0.0
Dining - Other 5.0
Dining Halls 3.7
Dorms 3.3
Fitness & Gyms 4.0
Greek Life 5.0
Libraries 4.0
Museums & Galleries 0.0
Pools 0.0
Stadiums & Arenas 5.0
Transportation 4.0

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