University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota


Academic Rigor 4.0 Diversity 4.0
Location 4.0 Party Scene 4.0
Professor Availability 4.0 Reputation 4.0
Safety 4.0 School Spirit 4.0
Student Body Hotness 4.0 Weather 4.0


02/09/2013 by an alumnus
The UMN-Twin Cities was a pretty big school. In addition to a Minneapolis campus, there was also a St. Paul campus located about thirty minutes away if you took the Campus Connector. Students from all natures can find a niche and activities that interest them. The Twin Cities themselves are packed with activities to keep students busy, especially if over 21. The school is becoming more diverse each year. Whatever your background, you will find someone like you here, but it is essential to visit each of the residence halls and student groups so you know what's out there. Whatever your background, you will find a place where you can fit in, but not in every place will you find people similar to your background. You have to explore and be active on your own. Each residence hall and college within the university has a very different personality. Winters can be a bit cold, but there are tunnels and skyways for avoiding the outdoors. Also, it has many online courses that allows you to do it
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Book Stores 3.7
Dining Halls 0.0
Dorms 0.0
Fitness & Gyms 0.0
Greek Life 0.0
Grocery Stores 4.7
Laundromats 0.0
Libraries 0.0
Pools 0.0

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