University of Connecticut

University of Connecticut


Academic Rigor 3.5 Diversity 4.0
Location 2.0 Party Scene 3.5
Professor Availability 4.0 Reputation 4.0
Safety 5.0 School Spirit 4.0
Student Body Hotness 4.0 Weather 2.5


02/23/2013 by a user
Ill talk a little to each point.
School Spirit is good, has the potential to be great. How could it not be good when the sports teams are usually good if not great? Also getting ranked by by the US News and World as well as getting harder and harder to get into foster a sense of pride of being at the university. Sure it is still shaking the last remnants of reputation of a safety school but people are proud to be huskies nonetheless.
Location is astoundingly "meh." pretty close to Boston and New york, but Storrs isn't anything to write home about. Pretty secluded, not much off campus.
Diversity, wow yes it is. There is enough diversity to warrant some 10 different cultural clubs that are well known on campus. It's rich and it's very cool.
Weather is goes from good to horrible pretty quick. I definitely don't miss frigid 8am classes, not to mention Uconn is known as a wind tunnel of sorts.
Academic Rigor varies from major to major, obviously, with some programs like Engineering and Pharmacy very difficult but a degree from Uconn is becoming worth more and more these days.
SBH- muy caliente, from a male perspective. never seen so many biddies in one place.
Like I said before about school spirt and academic rigor, the status of Uconn is going up and lot of that has to do with what the last president and the current president are doing to do away with Uconns old reputation of a party/safety school to an academic force in the Northeast. Uconn is a very attractive option now to people who were stuck between trying to shoot for the stars in MIT or Yale but didn't want to pay for an overrated private or go to lesser area school. Uconn is that happy medium.
Party scene, its there for ya if you want, it definitely used to be wilder before some changes made by the school presidents, but can still get pretty crazy, especially if you're into joining a fraternity. Seems like theyre the ones throwing any good party. Unfortunately the new pres. essentially shut down Spring Weekend at the school banning any debauchery and installing police checkpoints etc. was not fun.
And finally as far as safety, Uconn has their own own campus police force, as well as lit up previously "dangerous" pathways. It's as safe as safe gets.
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02/23/2013 by a student
UConn is a really great school if you are from the area and already used to the New England weather. If you are like me and live in Connecticut and OK with cold winters you will be fine with UConn weather. The town around campus is small but growing and if you are a partier, there's always parties to be found around campus. Academically, it is not super difficult like MIT but if you apply yourself you will get an excellent education especially if you are in one of the more difficult majors like engineering, pre med, pre law etc. If you aren't a perfect score SAT type I don't think you will be disappointed with the quality of education you are getting. Campus life is excellent if you like sports like me as you will see a variety of competitive division 1 teams and be able to compete in all kinds of intramurals as well.
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Book Stores 3.3
Dining Halls 4.0
Dorms 3.3
Fitness & Gyms 2.3
Greek Life 0.0
Pools 0.0

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