SUNY Geneseo

SUNY Geneseo


Academic Rigor 4.5 Diversity 1.0
Location 1.5 Party Scene 2.5
Professor Availability 3.0 Reputation 2.5
Safety 5.0 School Spirit 2.0
Student Body Hotness 2.0 Weather 1.0


04/21/2015 by a user
Career Services is terrible unless you live on Long Island, or in Rochester or Buffalo. You also have to want to go into finance or business for them to really help you. Its annoying and something I wish I had known beforehand. The campus is in the middle of nowhere, which is nice if you like nature walks, but you really need a car to survive without being bored. Parties are closed. You need to know people/be in an organization in order to party.
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12/07/2014 by a user
School Spirit- Very low. People don't go to games
Professors are terrible and seem to not really care about the students. We are in the middle of nowhere and its cold. The school is extremely hard but, no one downstate has ever heard about it. Out of state forget abut it. The Greek life parties are awesome,. The girls are hot and there are 60% girls so there are a ton of opportunities for young bucks like myself
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Book Stores 0.0
Dining - Other 0.0
Dining Halls 0.0
Dorms 0.0
Fitness & Gyms 0.0
Greek Life 5.0
Grocery Stores 0.0
Libraries 0.0
Museums & Galleries 0.0
Pools 0.0
Stadiums & Arenas 0.0
Transportation 0.0

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