Sewanee University of the South

Sewanee University of the South


Academic Rigor 5.0 Diversity 1.0
Location 3.0 Party Scene 5.0
Professor Availability 5.0 Reputation 5.0
Safety 5.0 School Spirit 3.0
Student Body Hotness 5.0 Weather 3.0


02/22/2013 by a user
University of the South, otherwise known as Sewanee, is one of the most fun schools around. Cops are posted at every party and will watch out for you, not stop you from having fun. This is a very safe community where everyone leaves their cars, dorms, and belongings unlocked or out in the open. Everyone is so generous and says hello when you are merely just walking by. It is a D3 school so the sports are just like HS games. You are in the middle of no where but about thirty mins from Chattanooga. It is a very hard school. There isn't even an honors program the school is so difficult. It's a small, private, liberal arts school with as of this year, 1,600 students. They have one of the top study abroad programs and the best looking kids next to Ole Miss and most SEC schools. You have an unrealistic amount of professor-student time, and the parties are amazing. Every frat welcomes you to party without a list or paying. I highly recommend greek life, as 80% of the student body participates.
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Book Stores 4.3
Chapels 3.7
Dining - Other 4.0
Dining Halls 4.0
Dorms 5.0
Fitness & Gyms 2.3
Greek Life 3.0
Libraries 4.3
Movie Theaters 0.0
Museums & Galleries 0.0
Pools 0.0

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