Comments on Creighton University RateMyCampus RSS Feed Comments on Creighton University RateMyCampus RSS Feed Creighton University en-us Tue, 17 Sep 2019 09:42:33 EDT Comment by a student on Creighton University, 06 Feb 2013 21:35:59 ESTAwesome basketball games, professors, and cost of living. Middle-class, boring, childish student body. Although immature, the students were hardworking and polite. Unfortunately, I felt like I was in middle school because the "small school" community was shoved down our throats Welcome Week. It is not a University for those trying to move forward, but rather a Catholic Preparatory High School. Creighton works you to death with unnecessary busy work (again not high school) and has no room for creative thinking or intellectual discussion. Party scene? Binge drinking in the dorms and not leaving (people here are cave dwellers), or, going to the Jay and coming back. Guys constantly complain about how ugly the girls are except the token 38, but look at yourself? If you are good looking here you will stand out and you will have nasty stalkers (guy or girl). Guys and girls are not good looking at all. Basically horrible, unless being around Nordic Notre Dame rejects is your thing, or gossipi