Penn State University

Penn State University


Academic Rigor 5.0 Diversity 5.0
Location 4.5 Party Scene 5.0
Professor Availability 5.0 Reputation 2.5
Safety 5.0 School Spirit 5.0
Student Body Hotness 4.5 Weather 3.0


02/25/2013 by a user
Penn State was NOT changed because of one specific person's actions. WE ARE still the same school, and the only reason our "reputation" is hindered is because the media is reporting any information that is handed to them. Talk to any Penn State student... their views are different, trust me. Don't trust everything you hear about us, most of it isn't true. And here at penn state you can be anyone, be interested in anything, be from anywhere and you will find your place. There is something here for everyone... we're called Happy Valley for a reason.
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02/09/2013 by a student
Penn State is an awesome school with a ton of spirit. Attending a Penn State football games should be on everybody's bucket list. The atmosphere of these games is incredible, and I doubt that our school spirit can be beat! The Happy Valley is awesome; we are a city surrounded by farms, so the scenery is beautiful. Downtown is great, there are a bunch of places to shop, eat, and drink. Essentially there is something for everybody to enjoy! Our school is ranked #1 for its networking, and we are ranked within the top 50 for academics. The weather can be nasty; the winters are cold, and the summers are hot! Penn State is extremely diverse; we have a ton of international students, and we are ranked amongst the most "LGBT" friendly colleges. Also, we were recently ranked amongst the safest campuses in the country.
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Book Stores 4.3
Dining Halls 5.0
Dorms 4.3
Fitness & Gyms 4.3
Libraries 0.0
Pools 0.0

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