High Point University

High Point University


Academic Rigor 4.0 Diversity 4.0
Location 4.0 Party Scene 5.0
Professor Availability 5.0 Reputation 5.0
Safety 5.0 School Spirit 4.0
Student Body Hotness 5.0 Weather 5.0


11/23/2014 by a user
I love going to this school, was a little skeptical at first, but it turned out to be the perfect college for me. It isn't in the best location but if you have a car or know someone with a car (which is most people on campus) you can have a lot of fun. The dorms here are nicer than any other college I've visited, and the food here is great. Parties are good, there's usually a lot of options every weekend, but there's also a lot to do if you don't drink. The school has amazing amenities; outdoor pools, a cinema, an arcade and a lot more. The academics here get better every year and you can tell administration is trying to hire top rated professors. You need to see this school!
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11/23/2014 by a user
This college is amazing and every year it continues to grow and get even nicer. Not only is the campus beautiful but there is a lot to do, this is a very active campus and I am never bored. The basketball team has gotten to be fun to see, and the academics are great! This is the number one up and coming school for a reason, In just the time I have been hear the campus has grown substantially. This is the safest campus I have ever been to as well, it's like living at a resort.
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Book Stores 0.0
Chapels 0.0
Dining Halls 0.0
Dorms 5.0
Fitness & Gyms 0.0
Greek Life 4.3
Libraries 0.0
Museums & Galleries 0.0
Stadiums & Arenas 0.0

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