Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern University


Academic Rigor 2.5 Diversity 4.5
Location 3.0 Party Scene 5.0
Professor Availability 4.5 Reputation 2.5
Safety 4.5 School Spirit 4.5
Student Body Hotness 4.5 Weather 4.5


02/21/2013 by a user
Overall, Georgia Southern is an amazing school. The classes are pretty easy though you do have to do a good amount of work. Most of the teachers are really nice and willing to help you, especially if you go to their office hours. Georgia Southern really supports all of their athletic teams and the majority of the student body takes pride in our sports. Statesboro is in the middle of no where, but the city is rapidly growing; it's only 30 minutes away from Savannah which is really nice. The weather is awesome because it's warm most often though it does rain a good amount. The bars are always fun any night of the week. There's so many opportunities here like Greek life and campus jobs so it's easy to find your place.
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02/20/2013 by a student
GA Southern is a great time. It is so easy to make a 4.0, such a fun area, and lots of bars and great parties. The weather is really nice also. The campus is so pretty and so easy to navigate. The school is very diverse. The sporting events are fun and the stadium is really nice. Greek life is great and has a lot of great places to join. Definitely a fun place to be.
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Book Stores 4.3
Dining - Other 4.7
Dining Halls 4.3
Dorms 4.7
Fitness & Gyms 5.0
Greek Life 0.0
Grocery Stores 3.7
Libraries 0.0
Museums & Galleries 0.0
Pools 0.0
Stadiums & Arenas 4.7
Transportation 0.0

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